Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mondays Meeting and plans for the future

We welcomed three new members Monday - Elizabeth, Jan and Kathleen!

Plans were made for forthcoming events as follows :-

Monday 4th February - Not only is this our next meeting but we are 'doing' socks. Those of you interested in getting started on this or are struggling with any aspect - come along with needles and yarn and we will get you going on the right track! If you are an accomplished sock-knitter or you've got other projects on the go, come along anyway for a cuppa and a chat.
I'm going along to see if Cath has tamed the dpns from monday night and I may just attempt a toe up sock (heaven knows I have plenty of sock yarn to experiment with!)

Saturday 16th February - Trip to The Cheap Shop, Tiptree. Meet outside the Braintree Community Centre, Victoria Road and we shall go en masse. I think the meet time was set for 8:30 but please, someone correct me if I am wrong. (I was busy chatting and not paying attention when the final details were agreed!).
For those of you who don't know, The Cheap shop is an Aladins cave of crafty bits and pieces (and other things besides) and is conveniently located close to The Tiptree Jam Factory which has a lovely tea shop (should we exhaust ourselves and need liquid resfreshment before the journey home!)

See you all soon!

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