Thursday, January 10, 2008

What a success !

Monday night was great!
Thanks soo much to all of you who came along - old and potential new members alike!

Big thanks to Kerrie and Mandy for coming along with a mini yarn mountain for us to feast our eyes on !

Another thanks to Vicki and all the members of Knit One, Purl Fun from Chelmsford and Tiptree who came along too.

The evening was spent chatting, knitting, flicking through books, drinking tea and did I mention lots of chatting ??

Kerrie has kindly invited us across to her workshop near Dunmow for one of our next meetings - we are just in the process of setting a date.

I hope you all went away inspired to pick up your needles and I look forward to seeing some new faces at our next meeting on Monday 21st Jan !

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